My New Project: The Nordic Wool Rug from “Pickles”


I have just been introduced to the website called “Pickles“(what a great name!) and all their gorgeous patterns have my head spinning!

I love knitting with chunky wool but it’s sometimes hard to find patterns that use this type of wool. Unbeknownst to me there was this wonderful website called “Pickles” which has quite a few patterns that call for chunky wool. After much consideration, I think I’m going to make this rug. What do you think?


Felting Class Fun


Wet felting is one of my favorite hobbies so I thought I’d try my hand at needle felting and took a class at a local knit shop.

This is Regina who was in from Brazil to meet her new granddaughter (her daughter is sitting next to her) and she created this gorgeous bunny with the big pink ears. Talk about cute.


This is an action photo of Isa (Regina’s daughter) who decided to make this cute little Hampster. He’s still a work in progress. Truth be told Isa’s a bit obsessive detail oriented when it comes to her needle felting so it took her a little longer.


and finally this is our teacher – the lovely and talented Samantha who is holding this totally real looking gnome (admit it, you’d scream if you woke up and saw him at the foot of your bed). Sam is a fiber genius. If there was a Superhero that improved peoples lives with knitted and felted stuff Sam would be it. Hey, she already does that so I think I’ll call her “Fiberwoman” (sorry Sam for when you read this!).