Author: Tracey Mackenzie

My New Colorful Dryer Balls

I’m usually pretty boring when it comes to my dryer balls. Neutrals and more neutrals are the words used to describe them. One day one of my friends said, “why don’t you make them more colorful? They will be easier to find among the clothes and be more fun to look at.” I took her advice and this is the result. What do you think? Dryer balls are a wonderful alternative to the chemically laden dryer sheets and fabric softener and they are 100% eco-friendly. So as long as you don’t have an allergy to wool, you should definitely give them a try. Cuts down on drying time too! Up in my Etsy store soon! xoTracey

Vegan Energy bites

I love sweets and as you know, this can be a problem. The calories add up quickly when eating cake and cookies as a snack. Enter the “Energy ball”. These are high fibre, high iron and high sweets but in a good way – without all the calories! I have tried a few recipes but Deliciously Ella’s Energy bites are by far the best. Easy to make and easy to eat, they take only minutes to make. Just add 2/3 cup of almonds, 2/3 cups of pecans, 1 cup of dates, 2 tbsp of hemp powder, 2 tbsp of chia seeds, 1 tbsp of flax powder, 1 tbsp of cacao powder and 1 tbsp of coconut oil into your food processor and blend until you can clump the mixture together in your hand. If it’s not sticky enough to hold together, add another date or two. Roll into balls and then stick into the fridge. My husband eats these when he cycles and just loves them. I eat them anytime and I love them too! Check …

Gluten-Free Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

I love pancakes but over the last couple of years I seem to have developed a sensitivity to gluten which has made me avoid them. I have tried making them with gluten-free flour but they turned out too dense and rather cardboard like. Since I like my pancakes nice n’ fluffy, this was not an option. Now, finally, after trying many different recipes, this one seems to tick all my boxes. The pancakes are moist and tasty and the crème fraiche mixed with whipping cream and honey is beyond yummy! Adding the blueberries is the final perfect touch but trust me, these pancakes are good all on their own. Please see recipe here

DIY: Christmas Cards

I don’t know if you are like me but I love to send out Christmas cards. Something about the Christmas season brings out the “Traditional” in me and all of a sudden I’m baking cookies and mailing cards. When I was a child Christmas was just magical to me. I used to light up the tree and just sit there staring at it. A couple of years ago Anna-Rose from the blog My Lifebox designed a few Christmas cards that you could download for free! My favorite one is Rudolph (gotta love that red nose!) but there are two more for you to print as well. Please click here for the downloadable cards. xo Tracey

The smell of Fall

The smell of Fall is in the air and my friend “Imohtep” is finding the sudden chill quite pleasing. I love Fall.  Maybe I am biased because I am born in September but it is one of my favorite times of year. I feel like it’s a time for new beginnings. I also love cocooning with scented candles, knit blankets and twinkle lights….makes me feel all cozy and warm. Not to mention the hot chocolate with whipped cream YUM! What about you? Do you like the Fall?


Doesn’t this tart look yummy? I can’t wait to make it! I have been having such problems with food lately due to my ulcer and subsequent treatment that I have been slowly keeping a list of the items that cause me the most trouble. Turns out that flour is one of them so I am attempting to go gluten free. Lucky for me there are some wonderful people in this world who create meals/deserts/snacks that are not only gluten free but vegan or vegetarian as well. One of my favorite Vegan blogs is Emily’s and it’s called This rawsome vegan life. Emily creates mainly raw, vegan dishes and this strawberry & chocolate buttercream tart looks just amazing. I have some friends coming over next weekend and I think that I will make this for dessert so I’m going to give it a try. Please click here for recipe.

Smoked Salmon Dip

When I saw this recipe on goop I just had to give it a try. Easy to make and easy to eat, what more could you ask for! Ingredients: 8 oz cream cheese at room temperature * 1/2 cup of crème fraîche 1 tbsp of lemon zest, finely grated juice of 1/2 a lemon 2 scallions, finely chopped 4 oz of smoked salmon, finely chopped cracked black pepper How to: 1. Using a stand mixer, a hand-held mixer, or a whisk, beat cream cheese until it is smooth and fluffy (about 2 minutes). * 2. Fold in remaining ingredients and season with cracked black pepper. 3. Garnish dip with some chopped scallions. goop suggests serving this dip with potato chips and champagne. *NOTE: I used Philly whipped cream cheese instead of regular cream cheese and omitted step 1.

Fashion designer Jenni Kayne’s Rustic Contemporary Home

Jenni Kayne designed her house the way she designs her clothes, simple & chic. And the minute I saw it I knew that it would be on my top 10 list of most coveted homes. The entrance with it’s reclaimed barn wood beams and full height windows just make me swoon. Inside the use of wood and neutral colors combine to make  the living room, dining room a warm and inviting space. And would you look at that fireplace! I can just imagine how beautiful it is when there’s a fire burning inside. To see more of Jenni’s home please click here.

Knitting Stash

I think I have a problem…I’m addicted to wool! When I first started to learn how to knit I couldn’t understand what this “Stash” business was all about. I was like “why would you buy wool that you don’t have any plans for?” Well as you can see I have now succumbed to the stash philosophy because I have no projects for any of this wool. In fact most of it was just bought because I liked the color, or it was on sale, or it was chunky, or I liked the color, it was on sale and it was chunky. I have been storing all this wool in a big chest of drawers that we have in the dining room. The piece of furniture is very elegant with three wide, deep drawers, which is SUPPOSED to be storing table cloths and napkins but which is ACTUALLY hiding all my wool. The other day my husband opened one of the drawers and asked me where the place mats were and I sheepishly hung my head …