Month: December 2015

Gluten-Free Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

I love pancakes but over the last couple of years I seem to have developed a sensitivity to gluten which has made me avoid them. I have tried making them with gluten-free flour but they turned out too dense and rather cardboard like. Since I like my pancakes nice n’ fluffy, this was not an option. Now, finally, after trying many different recipes, this one seems to tick all my boxes. The pancakes are moist and tasty and the cr√®me fraiche mixed with whipping cream and honey is beyond yummy! Adding the blueberries is the final perfect touch but trust me, these pancakes are good all on their own. Please see recipe here

DIY: Christmas Cards

I don’t know if you are like me but I love to send out Christmas cards. Something about the Christmas season brings out the “Traditional” in me and all of a sudden I’m baking cookies and mailing cards. When I was a child Christmas was just magical to me. I used to light up the tree and just sit there staring at it. A couple of years ago Anna-Rose from the blog My Lifebox¬†designed a few Christmas cards that you could download for free! My favorite one is Rudolph (gotta love that red nose!) but there are two more for you to print as well. Please click here for the downloadable cards. xo Tracey