Month: May 2015

Knitting Stash

I think I have a problem…I’m addicted to wool! When I first started to learn how to knit I couldn’t understand what this “Stash” business was all about. I was like “why would you buy wool that you don’t have any plans for?” Well as you can see I have now succumbed to the stash philosophy because I have no projects for any of this wool. In fact most of it was just bought because I liked the color, or it was on sale, or it was chunky, or I liked the color, it was on sale and it was chunky. I have been storing all this wool in a big chest of drawers that we have in the dining room. The piece of furniture is very elegant with three wide, deep drawers, which is SUPPOSED to be storing table cloths and napkins but which is ACTUALLY hiding all my wool. The other day my husband opened one of the drawers and asked me where the place mats were and I sheepishly hung my head …

My New Project: The Nordic Wool Rug from “Pickles”

I have just been introduced to the website called “Pickles“(what a great name!) and all their gorgeous patterns have my head spinning! I love knitting with chunky wool but it’s sometimes hard to find patterns that use this type of wool. Unbeknownst to me there was this wonderful website called “Pickles” which has quite a few patterns that call for chunky wool. After much consideration, I think I’m going to make this rug. What do you think?